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"Awesome-Twosome only accepts 100 couples admissions every cohort, We are extremely selective of people who we in-take. Hence enrolment is done based on the personalised discussion in the alignment of the expected output we can offer through this journey."
"Awesome-Twosome only accepts 100 couples admissions every cohort, We are extremely selective of people who we in-take. Hence enrolment is done based on the personalised discussion in the alignment of the expected output we can offer through this journey."
AT-002 COHORT 2 booking will start in April 2023
"Awesome-Twosome only accepts 100 couples admissions every cohort, We are extremely selective of people who we in-take. Hence enrolment is done based on the personalised discussion in the alignment of the expected output we can offer through this journey."
AT-003 COHORT 3 booking will start in July 2023
"Awesome-Twosome only accepts 100 couples admissions every cohort, We are extremely selective of people who we in-take. Hence enrolment is done based on the personalised discussion in the alignment of the expected output we can offer through this journey."
AT-004 COHORT 4 booking will start in Octomber 2023
AT-001 Cohort: January-March 2023

India’s 1st Mind-Body-Soul Wellness Center
exclusively for couples


  • Couples with an open mind

  • Couples who want the relationship to grow stronger

  • Couples ready to take responsibility in a relationship

  • Couples who are ready to take control of their life

Take your relationship to the Next Level

Goals you can achieve with Awesome-Twosome

"Rekindle your sexual spark without the performance anxiety."

"Stand out amongst your family and friends - be that perfect couple!"

"No longer shying away from routine expressions of love, care and PDA."

"Set a benchmark for your kids on what an ideal couple looks like."

"Feel understood without saying a word even during your “Me-Time” together."

"Communicate your thoughts, feelings and desires without the fear of judgement."

Customer Diaries

Know-some about

Awesome-Twosome is a 12-week Holistic Fitness Cohort Program. Curated specially for Urban Indian Couples looking to add a meaningful chapter to their lives by uplifting their partnership, together. This hybrid interaction cohort aligns the mind, body and soul of the couples to give them a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

You and your partner gets access to:
Gym, Fitness, Nutrition, Accountability, Mental, Emotional, Relationship Coaches and various other designed Experiences that aim to take your relationship to the next level.

The Awesome twosome Community

12 Weeks of Offline Experience

Access to Gym floor

Group Personal Training
3 X Week

Emotional Coach
30 Min X 3 Month

Access to a Fitness Studio

Access to Games, Events &

Mental Coach
30 Min X 3 Month

Access to Online Fitness Videos

Diet & Nutrition Coach
30 Min X 3 Month

Strength & Conditioning Coach
30 Min X 3 Month

12 Weeks of Online Experience

     Product Features Product Core
8/1/2023Kick Off Session! Why are we Experimenting this
15/1/2023Develop & Grow Intimacy at Will Men are From Mars, Women are from Venus
22/1/2023Achieve Mental, Emotional & Physical StimulationThe Magic Pill to thrive together
29/1/2023Re-Live your romance to bring back the good old daysThe Love Languages
5/2/2023Recognise your uniqueness by creating harmonyKnow thyself, Know thy partner
12/2/2023Manage your finances playfullyFrom doubt to trust & Insecurity to Safety.
19/2/2023Listen to your partner fully & more Intently10 points Stronger Inside out
26/2/2023Develop your own style that you will love to carryThe Projection Trap
5/3/2023Reverse your anxiety to have peace of mindThe Power of Mindful Relationships
12/3/2023Build a connection with the spirit inside you Rising in Love. The Power of the Power Couple
19/3/2023Project CalibrationPersonal 1-on-1 Tutoring with all Experts
26/3/2023Practice Rounds for Finalist A.O.P Awesomeness Process
1/4/2023Final Tuning & Alignment on Mind-Body-SoulAwesomeness Fest


Friday Game Nights
Board Games
Cards Games
Carrom & Chess
Antakshari & Musical Chairs
Beer Pong & Paint & Wine
Karaoke & Dumb Sharaz
Movie Night & Barbeque
Housie & Dart
Monopoly & Pictionary


Saturdays Sports Day
Volley Ball

Date Night

Date Night
Pot Luck & Sankrant
Valentine’s Day
Fancy Dress Workout

Fitness of
Mind-Body-Soul & Love

Align your Mind-Body-Soul to get the best out of your fitness journey by engaging in unique activities to get a taste of new experiences that you wouldn’t otherwise pursue.

Why I created this program

If you sincerely take efforts to work on all the important areas of life, together, it is possible to change everything, quickly, and have a long-term effect on your day-to-day life.

Offline Program Director

"The Offline Experience of Awesome Twosome is designed in a structured result-driven format delivered by multiple experts by hyper-personalizing your journey through out the 12 weeks."

Online Program Director

"The Online Sessions of Awesome Twosome is an integration of experience and expertise which is being delivered to you by the experts as a contribution in your journey of holistic fitness and relationships bond."

"Everytime it comes to relationships, I feel excited. Because each one of us deserve a healthy relationship and are capable to create it. My role for all the awesome twosome couples, is to make available the implementable tools and right awareness to take their relationships from good to great!"

In-house Coaches

In-house Trainers

Group Fitness Trainers

Subject Matter Experts

"I will help you shatter personal boundaries and become vulnerable in order to develop and grow intimacy at will, creating a judgement-free environment."

"I focus on helping couples achieve mental, emotional & physical stimulation regularly and to develop an effective communication system that builds greater sexual compatibility. "

"Couples under my wings will learn to get closer to each other by the way of old-world romance and express love in a fashion that will not burn a hole in their pockets."

"My role is to help you recognise your uniqueness and create a semblance of harmony in your personal and professional life by helping you understand and manage your priorities."

"Couples will learn to distinguish financial roles and responsibilities among themselves while I will help them manage their finances playfully."

"Listening intently to your partner along with quickly identifying blindspots, and hidden behaviour is essential in achieving relationship success. Under my training, you will learn to eliminate such gaps in communication."

"My mentorship extends to you realising how to develop your own style statement and building an image that will help showcase your personality - individually and as a couple."

"Not only will you learn to reverse your anxiety but under my coaching, you will also adapt to become calmer, happier and a lot more relaxed as a couple."

"I will guide you to substantiate a connection between your spirit and your body and help them become one."

Frequently Asked Questions ?

Why choose Awesome-Twosome when there are many couple gym programs available?

The difference between other gym programs and the Awesome-Twosome program is that other gyms only offer membership programs for couples wherein they can buy more than one program in bulk meaning that it’s strictly a business affair for the gyms. At Awesome-Twosome, on the other hand, we are trying to create an exclusively crafted experience for urban Indian couples who are looking for meaningful growth in their relationships.

What does the signup process for the Awesome-Twosome program look like?

For the Awesome-Twosome program, the offer can be taken both online and offline. The appointment can only be booked after answering 4-5 select questions. Once these questions are answered, the application is reviewed and an appointment is set for further discussion. After the initial discussion, we see if the couple is well suited for the program after which we would pitch the offer where they have the option to either take the offer or get Rs.1000 for their time if they choose to reject it. If the couple takes up the offer the onboarding process starts right away.

Where do you conduct your program sessions?

The program sessions are a hybrid experience meaning they happen both online and offline. The couples are required to come to work out in the gym for 5 days-a-week. While there is a mandatory online session every Sunday which would help the couples grow their bond thicker by the week.

Can any kind of couple join this program? What are the criteria to select the couples?

Couples who are committed to each other and are looking forward to an exclusive experience to grow their relationship by putting in a consistent effort should definitely join the program. The couples are required to travel and visit the gym 5 days a week for 3 months, that is the basic criteria. So if you are willing to take that extra step to make your partnership stronger, enrol yourself and your partner now for this unique program!

Are the individual sessions designed according to the physical condition of the couples OR does it have a fixed structure? Specifically for older couples.

Every individual and thus, every couple will be different. Therefore, every couple gets a customised program structure based on their physical, emotional, and mental requirements. So yes, the sessions are designed exclusively for you to achieve your desired outcome and all aspects of the individual’s being are considered while designing the same wherein your session 19 would be very different from another couple’s session 19.

What are the criteria to decide whether the program has worked for a couple or not?

Every couple enrolled with us keeps a check on their daily activity and rates their experience on the Awesome-Twosome app. This will help us keep a track of their progress. This ritual of checking in on their scores would eventually create a detailed report that follows our brand promise of growing by 1% each day.

What are the available slots for booking?

The gym is open from 6 am – 10 pm and couples can choose any slot of their choice between these hours. In case specific slots are required, they can be taken up based on the trainers’ availability.

What is the program cost for Awesome-Twosome? How to execute the payment?

This is a high-ticket program so firstly it cannot be compared to any other gym program. Secondly, the program price is only disclosed once we do a personal discussion with the couple, after which if both our synergies match – only then do we offer the program. If a couple is only looking for weight loss and nothing else matters to them then this program is probably not the right choice for them. Awesome-Twosome program is only for people who are driven to elevate their lives, and for those who know that working on their relationship is going to help them get there faster.

Can couples from one cohort continue the program in another cohort? If yes, would the plans change or stay the same?

Each cohort is a pre-planned one that runs for 3 months and the admissions happen every quarter with limited seats. If a couple happens to drop out from one program and wants to rejoin another cohort – they can, but only after having an internal discussion with the team and following the required process.

Does the program really offer 100% return if not satisfied with the service?

Awesome-Twosome offers 3 types of guarantees that are too good to be true:
The first one is an Unconditional Guarantee wherein the couples can choose to join, and if in the 1st month, they think they aren’t satisfied with their progress they can opt-out and have their money back; provided they have regularly been active in the same.
The second one is a Conditional Guarantee wherein, we have promised that your relationship would grow 2x stronger. In case you feel that this promise has not been fulfilled even after doing every single thing that has been specified in the program we would pay back 2x the amount you had paid at the end of the cohort.
The last one is the Performance Guarantee wherein, if by the end of your cohort, you have not achieved your physical goals, you would be provided free access to the gym until you achieve your goals.